We Are BSL

Providing supportive housing for women

About Us

Big Sister League of San Diego (BSL) is a nonprofit organization providing transitional and permanent supportive housing for adult women. Our staff manage two 15-bed residences in the Hillcrest area and provide day programming for our residents. BSL's services are designed to assist women affected by mental health issues, homelessness, trauma, and domestic abuse. As such, BSL requires residents be under the care of a psychiatrist to meet additional mental health needs. Referrals tend to come from psychiatric hospitals, crisis homes, and social service agencies.

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Supportive Housing

 A stable home helps our residents get adequate treatment and start on the path toward recovery.  BSL's supportive housing combines affordable housing with coordinated services to enable our residents to live as independently as possible.

Our  Program


BSL provides transitional and permanent supportive housing for adult women.  Our staff manage two 15-bed residences in San Diego and provide day programming for our residents. 


Our residents are required to participate in community activities to promote independence. This typically takes the form of volunteer work, adult education courses, or seeking employment.


Our goal is to provide a safe environment for women, help them increase independence and self-esteem, assist with realistic goal attainment, have regular contact with their families, and become involved members of their respective communities.

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