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BSL is a residential facility for women providing affordable housing in the Hillcrest area. Our supportive housing program provides longer-term housing and supportive services for women focusing on developing life skills, continuing their education, seeking or improving employment, overcoming trauma, and obtaining permanent housing.

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Affordable housing with services provided in a community based setting.

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Help residents set goals toward a path of personal stability and independence. 


Communal kitchen and dining with dinners prepared 7 days a week. 


Participation in community activities like volunteering or adult education classes.

Therapy Session

Support to stabilize health and secure access to medical services.


A variety of activities (gardening, painting, etc.) are available to promote personal growth. 

Program Criteria

  • Must have income or sponsor willing to pay rent

  • Must be sober from any drugs or alcohol for thirty days

  • Must be medication compliant

  • Willing and capable of doing household chores

  • Willing to complete 20 community hours per week

  • Must currently have a case manager or be willing to obtain a case manager within the first 14 days

  • Must currently attend groups or start attending groups within the first 7 days (NA, AA, group therapy, etc.)


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Success Stories


SW came to us as an escape from a violently abusive relationship. Her episodes of anxiety were debilitating. Through the support of the BSL staff and her own determination, she is now happily married to a loving man who is supportive of her and her diagnosis. She also spreads mental health awareness and informative presentations for the Meeting Place, a club house for individuals with a mental illness diagnosis.


NM came to us unemployed and was admitted on one of our scholarships, which gives the resident time to go back to school and obtain employment or government benefits. Upon moving out, she is now living on her own and found a job as an accounting supervisor.