Our Services

Our Services

BSL supports women in need in the San Diego Community by providing affordable housing, offering hope, and building community. Services include advocacy, housing assistance, meals, day programming and connection with community resources and programs.

  • Housing

    Affordable housing with services provided in a community based setting. 

  • Meals

    Communal kitchen and dining with dinners prepared 7 days a week. 

  • Health

    Support to stabilize health and secure access to medical services.

  • Goals

    Setting goals toward a path of personal stability.

  • Community

    Participation in community activities like volunteering or adult education classes.

  • Activities

    A variety of activities are available to promote personal growth. 


SW came to us as an escape from a violently abusive relationship. Her episodes of anxiety were debilitating. Through the support of the BSL staff and her own determination, she is now happily married to a loving man who is supportive of her and her diagnosis. She also spreads mental health awareness and informative presentations for the Meeting Place, a club house for individuals with a mental illness diagnosis.


NM came to us unemployed and was admitted on one of our scholarships, which gives the resident time to go back to school and obtain employment or government benefits. Upon moving out, she is now living on her own and found a job as an accounting supervisor. 

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Mailing Address: 115 Redwood Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Redwood: (619) 297-1172 

4th Ave.: (619) 692-1485

Executive Director: adiffley@bigsisterleaguesd.org

Board of Directors: bigsisterleaguesdinc@gmail.com

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Big Sister League of San Diego is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.