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Meet the staff: Janine Haynes

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

A former preschool teacher, Janine has worked with BSL as a mental health specialist for a little over a year now. Here, in five questions, she sums up what her day to day looks like and the ways in which the organization—and its residents—has impacted her.

So what does a mental health specialist do?

My core job responsibilities are to help the women living here learn and excel in life skills, help them to stay med compliant through weekly case management, as well as ensure they are seeing their doctors regularly to ensure their optimum health. On occasion, I cook a healthy meal for the ladies.

What motivates you to return to work every shift?

The ladies. To see them achieve their goals and that I can be the one to help them, makes it an awesome experience.

Care to share a resident memory that warmed your heart?

One of my most satisfying moments was seeing the excitement and receiving a big hug when one of the ladies we worked with got the job she wanted.

What is something people might not know about BSL but they should?

Even though it is a shared living environment, the residents become like a family and really do help each other out as much as the staff helps the residents. Our staff is very dedicated and caring. Everyone working here truly wants to see BSL grow and continue to help as many women as we can.

How do you channel the mission of BSL day by day?

I am always looking for classes and training that will make me a better peer-to-peer worker that can best serve our residents and add to their experience.


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